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Samsung Galaxy Round

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 Samsung Galaxy Round Available now (Korea)
9th October 2013

Despite the peculiar name, the Samsung Galaxy Round isn't actually round, but it does feature an interesting curved OLED display which makes this device very unusual. As a smartphone it is roughly the same specification as the Galaxy Note 3, but this particular critter is not like any other device that we have seen to date.

Curved screens have been seen before though, notably with the Samsung-built Nexus S. But the Galaxy Round is a different proposition - it's curved around the X-axis rather than the Y-axis on the Nexus, and it really is very curved indeed where the Nexus was quite subtle.

The Galaxy Round is a LTE device heading exclusively to Korea, although if it is a sales success in Samsung's home market then you can expect to see this type of display in other markets too.

We don't know much about the Galaxy Round's specifications, except that the 5.7" display is a full HD panel, it comes with a stitched back (like the Galaxy Note 3) and certain function can be controlled by rocking the phone. The Galaxy Round is 7.9mm thick and weighs 154 grams, and it will be available this month in Korea for 1.08 million won (approximately €740) and it will initially be available in Luxury Brown with other colours to follow.


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