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Privacy and Cookie Policy

Using this site means that you consent to our tracking cookies. You can learn how to control your cookies here.

Mobile Gazette using Google Analytics for tracking (privacy policy), Quantcast for visitor metrics (privacy policy), and also uses other server-based statistical tracking software and access logging. These record various details about visitors, including browser versions, repeat visits, IP addresses, pages access, errors and invalid access attempts. This information is used for visitor tracking and content analysis, and also to maintain the safety and security of the site. Our server ( also records basic information about visitors.

We carry advertisements from several affiliate and advertising networks, including Google (privacy policy). We do not participate in Google's "interest based advertising" behavioural advertising programme. You can learn more about this, plus how to opt out of Google's behavioural ads completely by clicking here. Google may allow third party advertisers to set cookies, we have no control over this. You can find out more about behavioural advertising here.

If you click on an advertising link this will be shown in our statistics. No personal information is passed to us from the advertisers or merchants. We cannot determine any financial or personal data from any purchase made through an advertising link. Advertising links may be handled by one of more third parties and are outside of our control. If you have concerns about an advertiser on Mobile Gazette, please contact us.

Our JSKIt / Echo comment widget also sets a cookie (privacy policy).

We do not collect any kind of personally identifiable data that is within the scope of the UK Data Protection Act.

We welcome pre-launch tips and product details and will receive and republish these with no reference whatsoever to our sources unless agreed with the sender. We will also accept embargoed stories by arrangement.

We do not publish personal information or pass addresses from our mailing lists on to others. A general exception to this rule is where there has been an attempt to carry out fraud, or where our intellectual property has been stolen. In these cases we will publish your personal details and report you to the relevant authorities. Also, any attempt to gain unauthorised access to our servers may be reported and legal action taken.

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