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Advertise with Mobile Gazette

Mobile Gazette reaches around 400,000 unique visitors every month, with around 50% of visitors coming from the UK, 10% from the US with other notable visitor countries being Germany, Poland, India, France, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Singapore.

Advertising with Google AdWords

The majority of our advertising is handled by Google AdWords. We recommend using AdWords because it gives advertisers complete control over their budget and geotargetting. You pay only for the visitors you get, and you can specify when you want your campaign to run, set a budget and target by country or language. This is a flexible, self-service approach that offers a very high degree of advertiser control.

If you are already an AdWords customer, or you have just signed up then you can create a new placement-targeted campaign.

 Google AdWords - Placement Targeted Campaign

You can specify which countries you want to reach, and also what languages you want to target.

 Google AdWords basic details

Text ads are the simplest to set up, although we also carry image and video ads in 728x90 leaderboard and  300x250 inline rectangle formats.

 Google AdWords text ad

Once you have created your ad group, you can specify mobilegazette.com when you reach the Target ad page. You can also advertise on dozens of other similar sites for the same campaign.

 Google AdWords - Targetting

You can choose between two different pricing models, CPM (cost per thousand impressions) or CPC (cost per click). Google gives some guidance on which model will work best for you.

 Google AdWords Pricing Method

Depending on the pricing strategy you use, you can set a daily budget and other pricing information (screenshot below is for CPC).

 Google AdWords - CPC Budgetting

Once you have created your campaign, you can tell Google to run it for a set period - this is useful if you want to run a campaign over a few days only.

 Google AdWords - Date Settings

Custom Advertising Solutions

If AdWords is not suitable for you, then it may be possible to arrange a custom solution. Contact sales@mobilegazette.com for further information.



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