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About Mobile Gazette


 Mobile Gazette We concentrate on bringing details of new and upcoming releases of GSM and 3G phones, primarily for the European market. We don't ship phones ourselves, but we do accept advertising from retailers, either through banner ads or product links.

Our information comes from a variety of sources, including press releases, rumours and many other sources. If you have a tip or information about an upcoming product (especially if you have technical specs and photos), then we'd be glad to hear from you - email us at Note that we will respect any embargoed press releases that we receive as long as they are clearly marked.

For any other web site related issues, please contact us at Please note that any spam sent to these addresses will be reported to your ISP. For advertising details scroll down a little.

Our Philosophy

  • We try to bring the news of new handsets to you as soon as there are some firm details.
  • We never accept manufacturer's press releases at face value.
  • We do our best to analyse trends and share our feelings about the market.
  • We aim to be candid in our opinions, to praise what's good and criticise what's bad.
  • We'll sometimes try to make you laugh!

Our Logo

Our logo is the Magpie - a cheeky bird that is attracted to bright, shiny objects. Our magpie has acquired himself a nice smartphone and Bluetooth headset from somewhere. The logo is designed by AlexBet who we heartily recommend.


Almost all of our advertising is handled by Google Adwords - if you wish to advertise and already have an AdWords account, then it is possible to set up a banner campaign for the Mobile Gazette ( site using that. We carry a 728x90 ad on the top of almost every page, plus a 300x250 as on the bottom of most news pages. We generate in excess of 700,000 page impressions per month - to advertise on AdWords click here. If you have more specific requirements that are not covered by AdWords, please email us at


All the text on this site is copyright © Mobile Gazette and its representatives and may not be used without prior permission. Unless otherwise stated, image are either copyright © Mobile Gazette or the manufacturer or retailer of the product and must not be used elsewhere, except with our permission. In addition, certain images are copyright © Jupitermedia and as used under licence.

Under the "fair use" allowed under copyright laws, you may post quotations or excerpts from articles if correctly attributed (link to our site preferred). Should you wish to licence an entire article, please email

You should not assume that images used on this site are in the public domain. They must not be copied or republished without permission from the respective copyright owner. However, we generally allow use of images on request on the condition that Mobile Gazette is named as the source and a direct hyperlink is included to our site.

Where violations of our intellectual property occur, we reserve the right to report that violator to any hosting company or internet service provider and take whatever legal steps are necessary to bring the violator into compliance, including civil steps to recover damages. In the first instance you will be liable for back fees for use of the material, see our fees schedule for details.


We do not sell mobile phones. Please do not email us asking to buy them. If you are emailing us from Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, Argentina, South Korea, China or the former Soviet Union then we will treat this as attempted fraud and will publish your details and report you to the appropriate authorities.

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