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Motorola RAZR i

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 Motorola RAZR i Available now
18th September 2012

The Motorola RAZR i is an Intel-powered version of the recently announced RAZR M, a relatively compact smartphone that packs in a 4.3" "edge-to-edge" screen which is significantly bigger than the one on the iPhone 5, despite the RAZR i being roughly the same size.

Billed as the world's first 2GHz smartphone, the RAZR i has a single-core Intel Atom CPU, compared with the 1.5GHZ dual-core ARM CPU in the RAZR M. It's difficult to compare the speeds of two different processor architectures without seeing benchmarks, but we would expect the Intel-based RAZR i to be about 10% faster overall than the RAZR M in most circumstances.

As with the RAZR M, the RAZR i has a 4.3" 540 x 960 pixel super AMOLED screen, a large 2000 mAh battery, 1GB of RAM along with 8GB of flash memory (5GB is available to the user) plus a microSD slot. On the back is an 8 megapixel camera with 1080p HD video capture plus a VGA resolution camera on the front for video calling. The RAZR i also has a water resistant coating to help protect against occasional splashes, and it retains the distinctive Kevlar back of other RAZR devices. The RAZR i also supports NFC communications, although we're still waiting for something really useful that we can actually use NFC for.

 Motorola RAZR i White This is an Android 4.0.4 device with an upgrade promised to Android 4.1. All the usual features are here such as WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth and 3.5G support. Motorola's useful SMARTACTIONS application is also included. However, because this is an Intel-based device then not all Android applications are compatible with it, but according to Intel 95% of applications are. One notable incompatible application seems to be the Google Chrome web browser.

The display size and feature set are roughly compatible to the original RAZR smartphone, except that the RAZR i lacks an HDMI port and has less internal flash memory. On the other hand, it's an impressively compact device at 123 x 61 x 8.3mm and 126 grams.. and remember this will be a very fast device too.

Motorola say that the black version of the RAZR i will start to be available in October in the UK, Germany, France, Argentina, Mexico and Brazil plus some other European and Latin American countries. A white version will also be available in some markets. No guidance was given on price, but we would expect to see the RAZR i costing around €400 at launch.

Motorola RAZR i promo video

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Motorola RAZR M at a glance


Q4 2012


GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

UMTS 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100




4.3" 540 x 960 pixels


8 megapixels (main)

0.3 megapixels (sub)


Medium/large tablet smartphone

123 x 61 x 8.3mm / 126 grams



Memory card:

MicroSD (8GB internal)










Android 4.0 (4.1 promised)

Battery life:

Not specified (2000 mAh cell)

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