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Mobile Gazette is 10

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 Mobile Gazette is 10 10th October 2013

Mobile Gazette is celebrating it's 10th birthday! Our official launch date was 10th October 2003, and our first articles Our first articles was about the weird Nokia 7600 3G phone (yes, we know the date on that is September), followed up by what appeared to be the future of smartphones (it wasn't) with the Windows-based Motorola MPx200 clamshell. Other early devices covered include the NEC E616 3G clamshell, vapourware Voq Professional, almost legendary Sony Ericsson P900, the Nokia N-Gage gaming phone and the British Sendo X smartphone.

The market is 2003 was utterly different to the one we see today. Colour displays and cameras were only just becoming standard, 3G devices and smartphones were very rare indeed and you could probably count the number of touchscreen phones on the fingers of one hand.

Many manufacturers that were around in 2003 are no longer with us. Siemens, Sendo, Sagem, Sharp, Panasonic and NEC are names that have vanished from today's mobile market and the then giants of Nokia and Motorola have fallen from grace. Samsung, LG and HTC were still only relatively small players in 2003, Sony had become Sony Ericsson.. and then switched back to Sony, and of course Apple didn't even enter the market until 2007. BlackBerry went from being a niche supplier to a giant.. and then collapsed again. Ten years is a long time in this business.

 Mobile Gazette in November 2003 The trend in 2003 was to make phones smaller and smaller.. in stark contrast to today when every generation seems larger than before. Today phones have 4G Internet connectivity, WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, full HD displays, massively high resolution cameras and enormous application libraries. Back then you could probably surf a WAP site or two, play snake and take a grainy photograph.. if you were lucky.

Today there are hundreds or probably thousands of sites covering mobile phone news. Back in 2003 there were very few of them, notably GSMArena, MobileBurn, and PhoneArena, but most of those sites were focussed on US news or technical data. There was a gap in the market for something with a European perspective and a focus on news, and hence Mobile Gazette was created.

These days phones are becoming nearly identical, so in future we will be looking more at retro devices and will gloss over some of the nearly identical devices that we see so much of these days. Will we still be around in another decade? Frankly we're surprised that we've made it this far, so who knows?



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